With defense-grade mobile security solutions that meet the stringent needs of highly regulated markets, Fixmo helps you embrace mobility in the workplace while mitigating the risks of data leakage, cyber attacks and compliance breaches. 


Smartphones and tablets have emerged as powerful business tools, offering unprecedented access to information, applications and real-time collaboration. Mobility is no longer about 'remote access to business email'; it's about productivity and efficiency, and delivering real-time access to the information your employees need to make smart decisions. But as organizations expand their mobility deployments and embrace the next wave of consumer-grade devices and the BYOD approach, they may be exposing themselves to signficant security and compliance risks - even if they have a mobile device management (MDM) system in place.

Corporate data leakage, cyber attacks and accidental data loss via mobile devices are serious concerns, and most mobile operating systems and MDM solutions lack the necessary security controls and defense mechanisms to effectively protect against targeted attacks. As a result, IT organizations across all industries are being tasked with identifying new solutions for extending sensitive data and applications to the field in a way that doesn’t compromise IT security, policy compliance and the ability to maintain full transparency into who is accessing what information, on what device. As well, most Enterprises are looking for a viable long-term solution to the BYOD approach that cleanly separates the business side of the device from the personal side, and offers 'BlackBerry-grade' security across a range of smartphones and tablets.


Leverage the full potential of mobility without sacrificing security, compliance or employee privacy:

  • Embrace Apple iOS and Android devices with 'BlackBerry-grade' security
  • Empower employees with secure mobile access to email, browsing, documents, and apps
  • Protect business assets on increasingly personal devices and mitigate the risk of data leaks
  • Detect and prevent device tampering and security threats before they result in a breach
  • Maintain system integrity and compliance, and prove it at audit time
  • Be responsive to new mobility trends and unique requirements of different business units
  • Embrace BYOD while maintaining complete separation between business and personal

The Fixmo Difference

The Fixmo Enterprise Mobility Platform (Fixmo EMP) is a defense-grade mobile security and enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution designed from the ground up to meet the stringent information security and compliance requirements of organizations across all markets, including those in heavily regulated industries.

Through a unique combination of advanced mobile security technologies, Fixmo helps Enterprises expand their use of smartphones and tablets and confidently embrace the BYOD approach while mitigating the risks of corporate data leakage, cyber attacks and regulatory compliance violations. With FIPS 140-2 certified AES 256-bit encryption of data at-rest and in-transit, continuous integrity monitoring, advanced policy controls and a complete behind-the-firewall solution, Fixmo offers the most secure and trusted mobile solution for embracing smartphones, tablets and the BYOD approach in the workplace.

Fixmo EMP has been developed under a Co-operative Research and Development Agreement with the U.S. National Security Agency and is trusted today by Government agencies and highly regulated Enterprises around the world for secure mobile computing.

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“Best Buy” Rating for Second Consecutive Year was awarded to Fixmo SafeZone


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